Fraud Risk Identifier

The Fraud Risk Identifier (FRI) is the first proactive and preemptive anti-fraud technology which prevents fraudulent transactions by devaluing the data hackers steal and sell to fraudsters before the consumer is victimized.


The FRI is fully compliant with the February 2020 Department of Justice Guidelines describing the legal considerations when gathering online cyber threat intelligence and purchasing data from illicit sources.

The FRI utilizes external cyber threat intelligence to identify customers targeted by specific threats like malware, phishing, compromised credentials, and PII available for sale on dark markets.

FRI Example Data Model:

Compromised Credential Remediation

​Advantages Over Competition

  1. Complete Data Privacy No customer information leaves the network only partial data fingerprints for filtering.

  2. Quantity and QualityLarge data quantities from many sources and threats giving the best coverage.

  3. Frictionless Touch Doesn’t add friction to customer experience as all identification occurs using existing on premise data.

Well-Developed Authentication & Session Protection Stack


The FRI complements existing anti-fraud risk scoring technologies used to identify suspicious online sessions and transactions by providing an externally sourced customer risk indicator. The FRI also complements AI solutions that need data to build models by providing an automated source of ground truth threat labels.

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