Fraud Risk Identifier


Fraud Risk Identifier (FRI) Accelerators are the first proactive and preemptive anti-fraud technology to stop fraud attempts at the source.   FRI Accelerators are configured to enable additional business intelligence tools that track the aggregate effects of fraud prevention systems to better inform future strategies.  Tools include analytics to connect with other fraud incidents, regulatory compliance facilitation, and an investigative case management system to assist external investigators or law enforcement. 


Compromised Login Credentials

Customer login credentials are stolen daily through data breaches or phishing.  Proactively identifying customers with stolen or at-risk login credentials can stop additional theft or fraud.  Our fully automated process can detect millions of compromised customer credentials per month.  One global financial institution saved over $60 million with the technology embedded in this Accelerator.


Compromised Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and credit card information is stolen every day.  This information is sold on dark Internet marketplaces to fraudsters who purchase it to commit their crimes.  Our fully automated process quickly identifies compromised payment card information belonging to customers before it is purchased or used by the fraudster. One global financial transaction company saved over $10 million annually simply by adopting this technology.



Criminals target banking, online retail, streaming services, and other retail and wholesale industries by creating fake websites. People are tricked into interacting with these fake websites where they release their login credentials, debit/credit card information, and other PII directly to criminals. Our fully automated process identifies tens of thousands of unique phishing websites a month and quickly determines if a customer has interacted with those malicious websites. One global online customer-based institution used this technology to proactively identify and remediate potential losses of millions annually.


Malicious Software

Customers use computers, tablets, and mobile phones that are infected with malicious software each day.  The software steals information during legitimate online transactions and sends the information to criminals.  Our fully automated process quickly identifies customers that have devices infected with malicious software so that remediation actions can isolate the threat to the network and the customer. One global financial institution benefited from this Accelerator and achieved fraud loss prevention of millions annually.

​Advantages Over the Competition

  1. Complete Data Privacy No customer information leaves your network.

  2. Quantity and QualityAlternative data sources expose vulnerable information taken from your network before it is used by criminals.

  3. Frictionless Touch Doesn’t add friction to customer or user experiences.  CT6 will not slow processes or burden customers or users.

CT6 is fully compliant with the February 2020 Department of Justice Guidelines for gathering online cyber threat intelligence and processing data recovered from illicit sources.

For the Tech-Savvy...

FRI Accelerators utilize external cyber threat intelligence to identify customers targeted by specific threats like malware, phishing, compromised credentials, and PII available for sale on dark markets.

FRI Example Data Model:

Compromised Credential Remediation

Well-Developed Authentication & Session Protection Stack


FRI accelerators complement existing anti-fraud risk scoring technologies used to identify suspicious online sessions and transactions by providing an externally sourced customer risk indicator. FRI accelerators also complements AI solutions that need data to build models by providing an automated source of ground truth threat labels.

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