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How do I call KN Japan from my Zoom Software?


  1. The Meeting Host must have a Zoom Pro Account
  2. The receiving device must have a public IP address
Calling KN Japan
  1. Start a Zoom Meeting
  2. Select Invite on the Zoom Meeting Toolbar
  3. Select Invite a Room System
  4. Select the Call Out tab
  5. Enter the IP Address
    1. Example IP:
  6. Select the type of call you would wish to make (H.323 or SIP)
  7. Press Call
  8. Click Show Keypad if you need to enter digits (Meeting ID) during the call-out
  9. Enter numbers using the pop-up keypad

How do I connect to the KNA Bridge using Zoom Software?

  1. On your Zoom Software Start a Meeting
  2. Invite a Room System to your meeting
  3. Navigate to the Call Out tab
  4. From the drop down list choose a KNA Video Bridge

How do I share content in a meeting?

Wirelessly using Zoom Software

  1. Click Share Now button
  2. Enter Meeting ID if prompted

Does the 40 minute time limit start when a third user joins or will my meeting immediately end?

There are 2 types of accounts with Zoom; Standard and Pro. There is a 40 minute time limit for your meeting if you have a Standard Account and there are more than 2 users in the meeting. You have a few options to avoid this 40 minute time limit:

  1. Have a Zoom Pro Account
  2. Host your meeting from a Zoom Meeting Room
  3. Only allow 2 Users in the meeting
If a third user connects into the meeting a 40 minute timer starts when they join. Your meeting will not be affected if it has been running for more than 40 minutes prior to a third user joining.

How will Vendors and Keihin Guests connect to a meeting and share content when they visit a Keihin plant and don't have internet access?

Keihin IT will be distributing HDMI Cables to every Zoom Meeting Room for Guests and Keihin Associates to share content without internet access.

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