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Recent events in telecommunications, pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturing, and remote video communications have highlighted huge vulnerabilities in the integrity, security, and resiliency of the supply chain supporting critical business operations. 


Traditional Third Party Risk Management completely fails to account for hostile nation-state backed activity which disrupts supply chain reliability and steals intellectual property and other protected information.  Using techniques developed by Cyber Team Six experts in exposing nation-state threats in the telecommunications and financial services sectors, the Verify Third Party Risk platform preemptively examines a broader set of threat vectors which enable cyber breaches or the degradation of critical business operations. 


 These unseen connections to bad actors include front companies, known insider recruiting nodes, sanctioned companies/individuals, and compromised service providers. The Verify solution identifies risk across external and internal business operations, critical hiring and staffing assignments, and third party engagement – all of it anchored against supply chain threat spectrum measures (e.g. EO 13873, the Federal Acquisition Security Council guidance, Section 889 of the NDAA 2018.)  


Once known, the Cyber Team Six experts assist the client in implementing technical, contractual, policy, and operational mitigation strategies to minimize or eliminate this growing risk.