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Customized Solutions to Prevent Fraud

Cybercrime is expected to cause 

$6 trillion in annual loss

world-wide by 2021.

Stop Fraud Before It Happens

CT6 Solutions

Our software methodology protected millions of customers at a global bank. 

We help corporate and government entities stay safe.  We can help you.

Fraud Risk Identifier


Premium Solutions

for FRI Accelerators

What makes our technology different?

CT6 Automated and Proactive Fraud Prevention Programs:

  • Offer full automation to identify customers who are compromised through CT6 trademarked and patent-pending Indicators of Financial Compromise (IoFC®).

  • Integrate best-in-class external cyber threat datasets to identify at-risk customers.

  • Provide frictionless and undetected interaction with customer experiences.

  • Comply with data privacy laws (e.g. GDPR) ensuring customer PII is not exposed to third parties.

  • Require a minimal amount of computing power to host.

  • Allow flexibility in hosting options, including on premises in physical hardware, or in an internal or third-party cloud environment.

  • Increase effectiveness of existing Authentication/Session Risk Scoring and Transaction Risk Scoring by providing the “Known Bad” of criminal access data.

// Take the initiative away from the criminals whereas current market offerings wait and react after illegal acts have happened


// Provides the ground truth from external datasets of what the cybercriminals know and how they victimize an organization’s individual customers


// Enables institutions to build true predictive machine learning models to advance fraud detection and prevention opportunities


// Adopts and seamlessly changes  with how hackers target people

// Expands an organization’s ability  to manage its attack surface by focusing on customer devices and data, and not employees and end-points  


// Connects data to investigate

cybercrime actors tied to fraud loss attempts, driving the use of threat hunting platform technology


// Enhances compliance and reporting for senior management, internal/external audit, and government regulatory agencies


// Allows organizations to improve customer experience and utilize security as a competitive advantage to gain market share

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CT6 stops fraud before it happens.  Be a part of the future of fraud prevention.

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