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Disrupting Cyber Fraud & Preventing Cybercrime

Innovative software to identify cyber fraud risk and protect your customers’ trust.

cyber team sixs leave behind software devalues the data cybercriminals steal, buy, sell and use to commit fraud.

We understand the scope, sophistication, and scale of cyber fraud and know that waiting for criminals to act is already too late. Let’s partner and take the advantage away from those harming your customers.

Cybercriminals are expected to steal at least $44 billion by 2025


Dramatically reduce your fraud loss with our leave-behind, cybercrime disruption model.

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integrated solutions:

Fraud Risk Identifier

An anti-fraud orchestration platform providing Indicators of Financial Compromise (IoFC) to allow anti-fraud teams time to prevent the account and relationship takeover business cycle. The Fraud Risk Identifier (FRI) protects individual customers by determining if they have been compromised by cyber threats like active, semi-active, and passive malware; phishing; credential replay attacks; malicious proxies; and dark market card sales advertisements.

integrated solutions:

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Empowers analysts to prevent fraud across the enterprise by utilizing the data learned from the Fraud Risk Identifier and adding point and click deep link analysis

on common customer data attributions (e.g. phone numbers, IPs, device IDs, etc.). Through visualization, the Fraud Risk Identifier Plus will reveal the point of compromise, the actors, and money mules used by cybercriminals.

integrated solutions:


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Supply Chain Exploitation Risk Management

Verify identifies external threats and defines the true risk for cyber team six clients when considering business engagement with vendors or persons who may have unseen ties to malicious countries or organizations. These proven threats pose enormous risk to your company’s infrastructure and reputation through breaches and IP theft.


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Our law enforcement credentials and commercial experience help us smartly design software to help you reduce cyber losses for your business.


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Innovative software to identify cyber fraud risk and protect your customers’ trust.



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