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Disrupting Cyber Fraud

& Preventing Cybercrime

Software which gives organizations the capability to stop cyber criminals from victimizing customers

Cyber criminals use people's stolen information to lie, cheat and steal billions of dollars.

What if you had a way to spot cyber criminal activity and stop it

before it harmed innocent people and the organizations which serve them?

Cybercriminals are expected to steal at least $44 billion by 2025


Dramatically reduce the enterprise impact of fraud with our solutions

financial services

online commerce


online retail 

Fraud Risk Identifier

An anti-fraud orchestration platform providing Indicators of Financial Compromise (IoFC)​​ to allow anti-fraud teams time to prevent the account and relationship takeover business cycle. The Fraud Risk Identifier (FRI) protects individual customers by determining if they have been compromised by cyber threats like active, semi-active, and passive malware; phishing; credential replay attacks; malicious proxies; and dark market activity.


- In Development -

Empowers analysts to prevent fraud across the enterprise by utilizing the data learned from the Fraud Risk Identifier and adding point and click deep link analysis

on common customer data attributes (e.g. phone numbers, IPs, device IDs, etc.). Through visualization, the Fraud Risk Identifier Plus will reveal the point of compromise, the actors, and money mules used by cybercriminals.


- Coming Soon -

Supply Chain Risk Management

Identifies external threats and defines the true risk for for organizations when considering business engagement with vendors or persons who may have unseen ties to malicious countries or organizations. These proven threats pose enormous risk to a company’s infrastructure and reputation through breaches and IP theft.


Leadership Team 


A software product company founded by former law enforcement, commercial and academic credentialed practitioners building tools to defeat the cyber enabled crimes of fraud, theft and espionage.


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Chief Executive Officer

20+ years experience in financial

and cyber crime at FBI and Wells Fargo, 

building new enterprise programs



Chief Technology Officer

15+ years in Computer Science with a PhD in data mining, AI and machine learning, developing anti-fraud software



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25+ years experience in FBI  counterintelligence creating government-wide platforms securing critical infrastructure



Chief Revenue Officer

20+ years experience in software sales, procurement, and supply chain acquisition supporting SAS and Wells Fargo C-Suite