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  • Case Management & Graph Link-Analysis

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence

  • Real-Time Prevention

Case Management & Graph Link-Analysis

CT6 partnered with Kaseware* to take the data learned by FRI Accelerators and add powerful point and click deep-link analysis functionality on common customer data attributes (e.g., phone numbers, IPs, device IDs).  Through Kaseware’s graph visualization engine, FRI Accelerators can reveal links between points of compromise, bad actors, money mules, and identify the cybercrime tools used by criminals to defraud customer accounts. The pairing of FRI Accelerators with Kaseware transforms traditional enterprise fraud prevention, creating efficient operations teams of information security specialists, fraud analysts, and investigators to fight cybercrime through a single pane of glass. 


Hailed by a Fortune 500 company as the “investigator’s dream platform” and a “game changer for the industry,” Kaseware provides FRI Accelerators with a holistic suit of tools, including case management, analytics, open source intelligence, and more.  Plus, extreme system configuration allows for limitless applications within an organization’s structure to customize services for unmatched online fraud prevention.

Artificial Intelligence

CT6 Premium Solutions offer clustering algorithms within unsupervised machine learning to identify likely-related data points to find other compromised customers.  This automation is operated from Kaseware point and click deep-link analysis, and the results are displayed in the same visualization platform.  This allows an analyst to manually add or remove extraneous or newly uncovered relevant data points. Automated Discovery and Artificial Intelligence improves user efficiency by quickly retrieving linked data points.  This saves analysts from manually driving the entire discovery process. Instead, analysts use their time working on higher-order, unclear links that require intensive human attention.

Business Intelligence

CT6 Premium Solutions offer a visualization tool to embed in any dashboard platform, such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik View, among others. This visualization tool provides analysts, investigators, managers, and executives with near real-time reporting of threat conditions.  With the Business Intelligence Solution, a company can track the performance of cyber threat intelligence providers and monitor specific cyber threats compromising their customers. 


The Business Intelligence Solution allows fraud analysts to screen content on dark Internet marketplaces and watch the activity of actual criminals who are involved with a customer’s account.  CT6 partnered with Arria** Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology to optimize the intelligence discovered by FRI Accelerators.  Arria's NLG technology transforms structured data into natural language descriptions to provide context and explanations to cybercrime visualizations. Arria software replicates and enhances the human process of expertly scrutinizing data analyses to provide deeper insight into FRI Accelerator findings.

Real-Time Prevention

CT6 partnered with Swim*** to bring a real-time, proactive, threat-driven fraud prevention platform to FRI Accelerators. Powered by Swim Continuum technology, this platform is the first of its kind.  It can defeat large-scaled, organized attacks before criminal activity materializes into huge losses for companies and enterprises.  Swim Continuum technology creates current-state representations for customers and products from data sources to score risk, based on intelligence gathered by the FRI Accelerator.  Risk decision systems can query FRI Accelerators antifraud platform powered by Swim Continuum technology using customer, product, or event details expecting a real-time response.  The response delivers the probability of a compromised customer or product.  Swim Continuum technology can also create clusters of similar customers, products, and events for risk-score computations.

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