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CT6 Automated & Proactive Software

The traditional model where cyber security specialists and antifraud teams work within their separate silos is rapidly becoming obsolete.  Hackers and fraudsters have joined forces to build complex and profitable networks to defeat cyber security and antifraud measures that operate independently.  It is precisely within this silo-caused window of vulnerability—the gap between cyber security and fraud prevention—that hackers and fraudsters effectively exploit. 


The CT6 automated and proactive software closes the security-fraud gap and stops criminal activity before it happens.  We integrate alternative data sources to connect with customer data to prevent fraud through the most advanced, fully automated technology available. 

CT6 Solutions

CT6 Fraud Solutions allow companies to exceed cyber fraud industry standards while reducing risk and freeing-up resources for greater operational excellence. 

  • Decrease customer churn through heightened trust and positive experiences.

  • Increase customer volume with a renewed competitive edge under enhanced security.

  • Protect corporate reputations with vividly lower fraud losses on balance sheets.

  • Optimize existing technology and investments in security and fraud prevention.

  • Improve auditor and regulator confidence by breaking ineffective internal silos.

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