This is the future of fraud prevention.

CT6 Automated & Proactive Software

The traditional model where cyber security specialists and antifraud teams work within their separate silos is rapidly becoming obsolete.  Hackers and fraudsters have joined forces to build complex and profitable networks to defeat cyber security and antifraud measures that operate independently.  It is precisely within this silo-caused window of vulnerability—the gap between cyber security and fraud prevention—that hackers and fraudsters effectively exploit. 


The CT6 automated and proactive software closes the security-fraud gap and stops criminal activity before it happens.  We integrate alternative data sources to connect with customer data to prevent fraud through the most advanced, fully automated technology available. 

Detect threats using criminal behavioral analytics-based detection.

Disrupt nefarious access through IoFC® Matching Logic connecting hard-to-find dots across multiple internal and external data sets.

Disarm fraudsters with proactive data matches to preemptively mitigate before a criminal event.

Defeat the Dark Market ecosystem by rendering stolen or compromised data useless to criminals.

How It Works

1. Within 30 days: A Readiness Evaluation will establish a customized integration plan focused on four areas: Cyber Threat Intelligence Collection, Fraud Analytics, Fraud Prevention, and Compliance & Investigations.

2. The next 30-60 days: Customized integration and implementation completed. Fraud Preventer is an on-premise or cloud-hosted software. CT6.® trains your experts to maximize Fraud Preventer outputs.


3. Immediately After: Fraud Preventer is up and running in-house by your team of experts. CT6.® remains available to assist with any follow-on needs.


Fraud Preventer