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CT6.® is a company of law enforcement, national security, commercial, and academically credentialed practitioners who have proven expertise in innovating the use of alternative data sources to prevent cybercrime, disrupt criminal marketplaces, and fortify against monetary and information loss.  CT6.® principals brought their unique professional skills together to create a new, more effective methodology to fight cybercrime.  By combining traditional investigative approaches with innovative cyber-driven solutions, CT6.® broke through cyber industry barriers to proactively pursue the cyber threats that affect billions of people each day.  As a result, CT6.® developed and implemented programs that delivered tangible national security and corporate threat mitigation.  CT6.® Cybercrime Prevention technology significantly altered the strategic and operational cybercrime profiles of government entities and commercial institutions.


Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

2CPA, CFE, 20+ years in financial services investigations and cybercrime, former FBI Special Agent and Wells Fargo cybercrime executive

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Chief Technology Officer

15+ years developing investigative and anti-cybercrime software; CPA, PhD in Computer Science Data Mining, AI, and Machine Learning.

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Chief Strategy Officer

25+ years experience in FBI  counterintelligence creating government-wide platforms securing critical infrastructure


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Chief Operating Officer

25+ years as chief executive & COO at U.S. federal agencies and private entities; Deputy Under Secretary for Science & Technology (act) U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Chief  Communications Officer

10+ years in media and congressional & regulatory affairs creating dynamic national campaigns in disparate venues.

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CT6.® Cybercrime Prevention

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