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We are a company of law enforcement, commercial, and academically credentialed practitioners who have proven expertise in innovating alternative data sources to prevent fraud, disrupting criminal marketplace status quo, and fortifying against monetary loss.   


We developed and implemented programs that delivered tangible national security and corporate threat mitigation.  Our combined actions significantly altered the strategic and operational cyber fraud profiles of government agencies and commercial institutions.


We each are expert in our own craft bringing decades of diversified experience solving real-world problems.  Our work includes hundreds of arrests, indictments and convictions; innovative technical research and software that models criminal behavior; and bottom-line corporate results that prevented losses in the billions of dollars.   

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CT6 stops fraud before it happens.  Be a part the future of fraud prevention.



Chief Executive Officer

20+ years experience in financial

and cyber crime at FBI and Wells Fargo, 

building new enterprise programs



Chief Technology Officer

15+ years in Computer Science with a PhD in data mining, AI and machine learning, developing anti-fraud software



Chief Strategy Officer

25+ years experience in FBI  counterintelligence creating government-wide platforms securing critical infrastructure



Chief Revenue Officer

20+ years experience in software sales, procurement, and supply chain acquisition supporting SAS and Wells Fargo C-Suite